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The Mouse Labour Performance Improvement Kit measures your performance with a value called the Google-Himanen rating.

GH-rating is calculated with the following formula:

Google-Himanen value
In which the values are:

speed = average mouse use speed (a measure of the mouse workers mental state)
= time spent online during 48-hour test period
= independence factor (answer to question 'Are you willing to change your job frequently?')
df = dependence factor (answer to question ' Are you willing to intergrate your personal life with your career?')

- - - - - - - - - - - -

This mathematical formula is based on the values promoted by Google corporation and Finnish philosopher Pekka Himanen. For more information, see the Mouse labour articles on Pekka Himanen and Google

If you score a high GH-value, you have a good chance to do well as a knowledge worker. You might consider applying a job at Google (if you don't work there already ;), we recommend for you to present your mouse labour profile in the job interview as positive evidence of your computer skills and deep commitment to knowledge labour.

Mouse labour facts:

"Our husbands come home from work, glued to their Blackberries.  They don't talk with us or with the children. They don't connect with us. And then, when we go to bed, they want sex.  I don't think so.". Find out more about Continous Partial Attention.