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Mouse Labour BIO-UPGRADE

This wearable technology solves all your needs for primary hand support in 24/7 computer work.

The approved Mouse Labour BIO-UPGRADE features micromatrix support fiber which gives you outstanding support in global competition. Together with the online mouse performance improvement program, your labour efficiency can increase up to 37%. This has direct effect on your value as a person. Work longer, work faster, increase the gross national product and world economy, accept no imitations!

Mouse Labour BIO-UPGRADE is currently on offer for early adopters for the price of 10 € (+delivery)! To place an order, please send us your contact details by using the form on the Contact page.


Mouse labour facts:

"Our husbands come home from work, glued to their Blackberries.  They don't talk with us or with the children. They don't connect with us. And then, when we go to bed, they want sex.  I don't think so.". Find out more about Continous Partial Attention.

*Free analysis!*

Benefit from the latest advancements of Human Performance Technologies!! Download the Mouse Performance Improvement Kit and after a 48-hour long test period get a detailed analysis of your mouse performance!!