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Sergey & Larry

Sergey Brin (born August 21, 1973) and Larry Page (born March 26, 1973) are co-founders of Google and are currently amongst the most wealthiest individuals on Earth.

The founders recently bought a permission to use a Nasa airport for parking their private jets (model Boeing 767–200) since they were too big for regular private jet landing sites. 

Google is a very special company in many different ways...


 Google enables it's employees to forget all the worries related to their personal lives, or in other words - there is no longer a separate personal life to take care of, it has been smoothly integrated to the working environment.

The working environment resembles a large Starbucks coffee shop, with additional recreational and family maintenance facilities. The employees can have all the "fun" and "family time" they need at the working site, so they never have to leave.

Google working environment offers:

  • Flex hours for nearly every professional employee
  • Employees can bring their dogs to work, everyday
  • On-site physician
  • On-site dental care
  • Free massage and yoga
  • Free drinks and snacks everywhere (espresso, smoothies, red bull, health drinks, kombucha tea, you name it)
  • Free meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner (some have described this as a feast with multiple locations and world-class chefs, including one that cooked for the Grateful Dead)
  • Free recreation everywhere, including video games, foosball, volleyball and pool tables
  • Valet parking for employees
  • Onsite car wash and detailing
  • Near site child care center
  • Back-up child care for parents when their regularly scheduled child care falls through
  • Onsite dry cleaning, plus a coin-free laundry room
  • An onsite gym to work off all of the snacks


 The "120% work" concept is called "20% work" inside the company of Google. The idea is that all employees should spend 20% of their time in working on projects of their own interests ('hobbies').

In practise the employees have a lot of work pressure, so in reality they do "100% work" and in addition "20%" of work based on 'personal interests.


Perhaps the most radical Google concept is adopting "Do no evil" as the company slogan, and convincing Google employees to believe in this slogan.

When you life has been integrated within the Google company, you don't need to worry about the rest of the world since you can always trust that are amongst the good ones, you are simply making the world a better place. 

Mouse labour facts:

On average, knowledge workers can expect three minutes of uninterrupted work on any task before being interrupted. Read more about this in the article Infomania: Why we can't afford to ignore it any longer.

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